Ecosystems: Mountains

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Ecosystems: Mountains

Various Habitats of Mountains

Populations in the Mountain Ecosystem1)Bears Large ferocious mammals2)Mountain Lions Large ferocious, big cat mammals3)Deer Large bambis 4)Hawks Aggressive birds of prey5)Rabbits Small quick mammals


Mountains tend to be very forested underneath the snow line, in which the altitude is to great for corniferous tree growth, or much wildlife

A Food Web from the Mountain Ecosystem

Limiting Factors 1) Trees (used as homes and food source)2) Hunting Ability 3) Hiding Ability

Definition and BoundariesMountains are obviously large. And because of their height there is normally a large range of altitudes, which creates a diverse scheme of habitats and wildlife in these habitats. Mountain peaks are typically cold and rocky, because of the altitude, and mountain bases are usually extremely forested. The boundaries extend into the surrounding valley or forest/jungle depending on the mountains location in the world.


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