[2013] Trisha Nguyen: Ecosystems

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[2013] Trisha Nguyen: Ecosystems


_____________By: Trisha Nguyen

An Ecosystem is a community with interacting organisms and it's enviorment. An ecosystem is consisted of abiotic factors and biotic factors. An ecosystem must provide organisms the essential things to support life such as water, food, oxygen, and a habitat (home).

Abiotic factors- part of an ecosystem that is non- living. Examples: rocks, water, temperature, climate, soil, etc.

Organism- a living thing that can carry life such as an animal, plant, or single life cell. Examples: humans algae, coral, etc.

Biotic factors- part of an ecosystem that is living a.k.a an organism Examples: butterfly, tiger, polar bear, etc,

In an ecosystem, there is a food web. A food wed is presented in a diagram to represent the flow of energy transfered from organism to organism. In a food web, there are producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and quaternary consumers (and decomposers). Energy flows from the organisms catagorized in the catagories listed previously in order with producers containing the most energy and decomposers/quaternary consumers recieving the least amount of energy.

Consumers- are the opposite of producers. Consumers eat other oragnisms for energy because they cannot produce their own food

Producers- Producers are like the opposite of consumers. Producers use photosynthesis to make their own food from sunlight. Producers are mostly plants.

Primary consumers- consumers that eat plants for energy. Primary consumers are mostly herbivores.

Secondary consumers- consumers that eat other animals for energy. Secondary consumers are mostly carnivores.

Tertiary consumers- consumers that eat other animals for energy. Tertiary consumers eat secondary consumers

Quaternary consumers- consumers that eat other animals for energy. Quaternary consumers have no predators.

Decomposers- consumers that eat organic matter for energy. Decomposers are considered "nature's recyclers".

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