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In the marine ecosystem some of the abiotic features are depend on water tempature, depht, and the amount of sunlight.

In one marine food chain, single-celled organisms called phytoplankton provide the main food source for the blue whale.The blue whale is an animal on the third trophic level.

An ecosystem is a living community of plants and animals sharing an evironment with non-living elements such as climate and soil


The importance of producers are depend on sunlight and carbon dixoide. These produces feed the herbivores in the ecosystem which go on to feed the canivorous. The produces help feed the other animals in the marine ecoystem this makes produce very important in the marine ecoystem

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A creature that has adapted is the starfishStructural Adapatation= Regeneration, if they loss part due to dichotomy or by natural causes. Behavioural= Predation "Pausing" for some fish. Physiological= Tentacle sucking for some fish

The role of decomposers is to break down the dead animals that have died in the ecosystem this helps keep the environment clean so that the animals can live in the environment

These adaptions have helped the starfish survive because when they lose an arm they dont die the just re-grow that arm which helps which mantaining the population also when they suck up small fish which helps them catch fish more easliy.



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