Ecosystem - Sub Nautical

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Ecosystem - Sub Nautical


The Hover Fish is one of the more interesting animals in this ecosystem; it has 6 air sacks where it can inflate and deflate them to either rise or descend, it uses this when evading its predator's. Spots on the Hover Fish's back glow when it sense's a predator nearing as a backup in case it can not evade it's predator. The Hover fish feeds on two types of food in it's ecosystem, the Nutri-Coral and tree leech's. It's mouth is on the bottom of it's body so that when it burrow's for young tree leech's it doesn't have to rotate around to eat them.

The Decomposer in this ecosystem is the Tree Leech. The Tree Leech grows in close proximity underneath the sand by a Coral Tree. The Tree Leech's grows upwards onto the Coral Tree that they grew under. They will only start decomposing the Coral Tree once it stops regenerating it's Nutri-Coral. The Tree Leech's will start with the Nutri-Coral at a faster decomposing rate. This in turn allows the Coral Tree to start reproducing, this is a mutualistic relationship. The Tree Leech's will spread out which will discuise them as part of the bark. When they try to decompose certain things on the tree bark that can not be decomposed they store them in bubbles and pop the bubbles when predators find them.

Decomposer Adaptations

Consumer Adaptations

The Producer in this ecosystem is called a Coral Tree. Coral Tree's are very large tree's that grow a special kind of coral called Nutri-Coral. Nutri-Coral is a type of coral that is able to feed other animals in the ecosystem. The Coral Tree is able to regenerate it's Nutri-Coral over a short period of time (1-2 weeks). To get energy to grow and live the Coral Tree absorbs hydrogen from the water and uses it as part of the Nutri-Coral's molecular base. The Coral Tree can only regenrate for approximately 10 years. To be able to reproduce the Coral Tree must get rid of all of it's Nutri-Coral (Tree Leech's aid in this process).

Producer Adaptations

Hover Fish

Sub Nautical

Tree Leech's

Coral Tree

This being a wtaer based ecosytem it doesn't have much in the way of abiotic factors. The factors are: the Sun which illuminates the upper part of the ocean, the sand is the base of the ocean (where the Tree Leech's begin to grow), the water where everything lives, there are also rock ravines deeper in the ocean.


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