Ecosystem Report: The Rainforest

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Ecosystem Report: The Rainforest

About the Rainforest:A rainforest is a forest characterized by large amounts of rain, typically in the range of 250-450 centimeters per year (98-177 inches per year). Most of the world's rainforests are located around the equator.Animal populations in the rainforest include macaws, boa constrictors, toucans, spider monkeys, sloths, tree snails, rhinocerous beetles, morpho butterflies, and poison-arrow frogs. These animals depend on the various large trees and smaller ground plants of the rainforest for a source of energy (the plants, in turn, get their energy from the sun, which is the initial source of energy for almost all ecosystems) . These plants include the kapok tree, the strangler fig, and banana, bamboo, rubber, cassava, and avocado trees. Due to the large amount of vegetation, warm, moist climate, and high rainfall, the rainforest is particularly hospitable to large plants and trees, resulting in a very high level of primary productivity.One of the main limiting resources of the rainforest ecosystem is sunlight,which is often blocked by the broad leaves of taller trees, leaving the rainforest floor dark and forcing trees to "compete" for sunlight.

1) Define the rainforest ecosystem and its boundaries.2) Describe 3-5 examples of animal populations and the habitats they frequently occupy.3) Give an example of a food pyramid in the ecosystem.4) Describe primary productivity and limiting resources.

A Scarlet Macaw

A Typical Rainforest Food Chain


Rainforests Around the World



Ecosystem Report:

The Rainforest

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Macaws typically live up in the canopy, formed by the leafy tops of tall trees. Other organisms, such as insects, might live down in the undergrowth, using large-leafed plants for cover against predators.Habitats generally vary widely between species.

One rainforest food chain consists of large deciduous trees (producers), and (moving up the food chain) small insects, birds, and snakes. Naturally, this is just one brach, and other organisms are part of this complex food web as well.

Not much light reaches the rainforest floor.


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