Ecosystem - Abiotic Factors

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Ecosystem - Abiotic Factors

Ecosystem Abiotic Factors

Geography and ElevationMonterey Bay is located on Central California's Pacific coast line. The rugged terraine's elevation ranges from 25 to 1,100 feet.

The typical soil is called Antioch and is very fine sandy loam. This consists of moderately well drained soils that formed in alluvium derived from sedimentary rocks on alluvial fans and terraces.

They mean annual air temperature is 57° to 61° F, and the frost free season is about 250 days. Summers are warm and dry, except in the northern part of the Salinas Valley, where they are foggy, and winters are cool and moist.

Temperature Ranges

Two ocean currents come together in Monterey Bay. The California Current is water coming from the subartic ocean near Alaska, and the California Undercurrent, which originates from the tropical ocean.

Water Resources

RainfallThe mean annual presipitation is 12 to 15 inches.



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