Ecosystem- Abiotic Factors of Monterey Bay

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Ecosystem- Abiotic Factors of Monterey Bay

Ecosystem Abiotic Factors of Monterey BayBy: Drake Lightfield

Geography and ElevationMonterey Bay stands at the elevation of 26 feet above sea level, on a land area of 8.466 sq mi. But the under water elevation at its lowest point is about 11,000 feet below sea level, this is called the Canyon of Monterey Bay.

Most of the soil in Monterey Bay is many types of rocks, Oceano Loamy Sand, Lockwood Shaly Loam, Chualar loam, Garey Sandy Loam, Arroyo Seco Gravelly Sandy Loam, Rincon Clay Loam and Placentia Sandy Loam. This is a very vertile soil for many different plants to grow in such has vineyards, trees, bushes, and many other things.

The costal water tempatures of Monterey Bay get warmer as the air tempature get's colder.April 16-30 its about 55 fahrenheitMay 1-Jun 30 its about 56 fahrenheitJul 1-30 its about 58 fahrenheit

Temperature Ranges

The Water Resources of Monterey Bay consists of Rivers that lead into the Ocean, the Ocean, and Rivers extending down from other lakes and bodies of water.

Water Resources

RainfallThestate of Claifornia gets 14.5 less inches of rain than the national average of 39.17. Monterey has had an average rainfall of 16.12 inches over the last 30 years, which is 59% less than the average nationwide, and 8.59 inches less than the average in California



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