Economy of Slavery

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Economy of Slavery

"the value of the slaves was equal to about seven times the total value of all currency in circulation in the country, three times the value of the entire livestock population, twelve times the value of the entire U.S. cotton crop and forty-eight times the total expenditure of the federal government that year [1860]" (Deyle).

"valuing slaves at original cost rather than at market value, neglecting the depreciation of the stock of slaves because of their reproductive nature, etc" (Evans).

"(1) the net yearly income received by the owner, (2) the price of slaves, (3) the death rate of slaves at specific ages, and (4) the rates of return on alternative investments" (Evans).

• Cost of Slave o $90 o free labor ' human trafficking• World Economy o profit: $44 billion o 3rd largest global criminal industry o huge profits for forced labor o human trafficking • $32 billion/year • $67,200/victim• Contribute to the global economy w/out even knowing o cocoa o cotton

Slavery in 1800's


The Economics of American Negro Slavery by: Robert Evans, Jr. URL:

Economy of Slavery

Slavery Today


• Cost of Slave o depends on how healthy o slaves want to be cheap to buy freedom o average: $800 (today: $40,000) o maintenance vs. value production o old people ' children


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