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Ecology issue

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National Environmental Policy Act of 1969

"Either we stop the poisoning in our air or we become a nation in gas masks"- President Lyndon B. Johnson

The National Environmental Policy of 1969 was created to encourage a clean relationship between people and the environment. This Act required governments and their agencies to submit their statements for all major projects. Before they can be approved, they have to look at what the effects of projects could be and their effect on the environment. The Act makes agencies plan out the environmental consequences of their activities in the environment, allowed people to challenge findings. A created Council on Environmental Quality to advise president on the environmental issues and ensures compliance from smaller government, corporations, and the American people. This Act was created to keep the environment safe and clean. The Act was created to preserve the Earth for future generations.

As time has gone on the population has increased. The growth in population causes the growth in cars and buildings. This leads to more pollution in the air in the water etc.1. Pollution has begun to take over growing populations of people in large countries. This puts the health of the nations at risk. We should be promoting a healthy, pollution-free environment. That is why the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 should be supported.2. The bill would make it so governments would have to be approved for major projects, and would make sure they know the consequences of the projects. They'll be forced to make a plan in case the project fails and harms the environment.3. Some people believe that the National Environmental Act can be used as a way to limit corporations. Others believe that we should not use cars and other things that create pollution. Although, the National Environmental Policy Act creates a balance. In America we have been able to reduce a lot of pollution compared to other countries such as China. This act helps to protect the environment without taking away our industrial growth.

Each decade from 1940 to 1960 emissions have had an increase of about 3000, until 1998 when it began to decrease slightly. This would have probable been a cause from the National Environmental Policy of 1969. In 1970 the Nitrogen Oxides went up to 20,928 and again up to 24,384. Although, because of the National Environmental Policy the Emissions of the Nitrogen Oxide remained in the the 24,000; then, later decreased slightly in 1998. By limiting the corporations and watching what we do to the environment we can preserve the land for future generations.

The National Environmental Policy of 1969 has definitely helped to protect the environment. The act has helped to limit corporations, government, and people on the amount of pollutants they put into the environment. This helps to keep the environment healthy and clean for future generations.


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