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Ecology Current Events Template

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Current Events

What's Happening Right Now?

New glass eye for one-eyed Rockfish By Seattle Times, adapted by Newsela staffSeattle — Even fish need a beauty makeover every now and then.Veterinarians at the Vancouver Aquarium have improved the looks — and the lives — of fish there thanks to a surgical procedure that was pioneered in the 1990s.Two rockfish at the aquarium now sport bright yellow ocular prosthetics, or glass eyes.The rockfish each lost an eye due to disease, and the operation restored their former good looks. The primary goal, however, was not to make the fish more beautiful — it was to help them fit in.The one-eyed rockfish were being attacked by other fish, who seemed to view the empty eye socket as a sign of weakness, according to Seattle Aquarium veterinarian Dr. Lesanna Lahner.Lahner said the operation does make the fish look better, but she emphasized, “my main concern is fish health.”Even Fish Are BulliedAt the Seattle Aquarium, a handful of fish have received the implants. Lahner assisted the Vancouver veterinarians with their one-eyed rockfish last month. Read more.....


Dr. Lesanna Lahner, a veterinarian at the Seattle Aquarium, is developing a technique to implant prosthetic eyes in fish. Photo: Erika Shultz/Seattle Times/TNS

Why save a fish when you can eat it for dinner?read more....




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