Ecology at Mount Everest

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Ecology at Mount Everest

Take a Hike, Litterbugs!

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. It is located in Asia and is covered in lots of snow all year. Brave climbers try to get to the top every year.

Look at all of the trash at the top of Mount Everest! When people climb the mountain, they leave behind trash so that they do not have to carry as much. This new rule will make them have to bring at least 18 pounds of trash down with them. Do you think that climbers should have to take their trash with them? How will climbers taking their trash help the mountain? How will it hurt it?

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SummaryBecause of all the trash climbers leave behind, Mount Everest has been nicknamed "The World's Highest Garbage Dump." To clean up the mountain, new rules are being made by Nepal that make climbers bring down at least 18 lbs. of their own trash. Mount Everest is very challenging to climb now, but with this new rule, the climb will become harder because the climbers will have more to carry.

SS-EP.1.3.2Students will identify and give examples of good citizenship at home, at school and in the community and explain why civic engagement in the community is important.

How can we get rid of our trash the right way?


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