Ecological Houses

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Ecological Houses

-Passive design strategies use ambient energy sources instead of purchased energy like electricity or natural gas. -Active design strategies use purchased energy to keep the building comfortable. -Hybrid systems use some mechanical energy to enhance the use of ambient energy sources.

Your text hereAn ecological house is built in such a way that reduces energy consumption and waste. The house reduces the buildings negative impact on human health and on the environment.

Ecological Houses

What is ecological houses?

Which building systems are used orientation?

Ways of saiving energy:

Some examples of ecological houses:

1.This prototype for what could become the homes of the future, has a roof covered in 150 square metres of solar panels to produce electricity.2.This house has it: an air-source heat pump, a rainwater harvester, triple-glazing and motion-sensitive lighting system.

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· Sheep's wool is of course a great insulator, as are other natural fabrics like hemp and cotton - so curtains are good insulation products. Some mineral and glass wool style products are 'higher density' and therefore have greater insulation effect, typically about 25% are categorised by their source with the organic, natural, more sustainable ones first, followed by other relatively environmentally-friendly ones made from natural materials, and lastly the category of materials derived from fossil fuels.

Ways of isolating the house:


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