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Ecological House


ORIENTATIONThe orientation of an ecological house depends of the climate in an area and the hours of sun radiation.South:There is sun all the day in winter, spring and autumn. In summer there is only sun at midday in the hottest hours.South-est: In winter there is sun all the day and during the rest of the year, from midday to night.Est: There is sun all the day from the morning until the midday.North-est: There is only sun on summer at the first hours of the morning and the last hours of the afternoon.North: In the winter there is no sun but during the other stations there is son from midday to the night.West: There is sun all the year from midday to the night.

Building envelopeExterior siding could be paper compressed as rainscreen, reclaimed wood siding, lime plaster or a composite insulation material that already has a weather resistant surface.Your roof should be of reflective material so it doesn't get too hot in the summer.You'll want to insulate very well, and fill all cracks between materials in the walls, roof and floor so the is no infiltration or gaps. If you do this well, it is also important to ventilate the house so there is plenty of fresh air, even in the winter when all the windows are closed.

MaterialsThere are some rules of thumb when seeking eco-friendly materials.-Wood.-Steel (It's a good choice, because much of it is recycled but it has a problem because it isn't very energy efficient.)-Concrete (It can also contain substantial amounts of recycled product if itis specified in the mix).Surface materials:-there are many glass, quartz and ceramic tile and countertop slab materials on -the market with recycled content.-Floors can be made of wood grown sustainably or reclaimed from other sites, or linoleum (which is made of wood and oils.)-Walls could be of natural clay or lime plaster.-Paint and other finish products should be low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) which will not off-gas toxins into the atmosphere causing "sick house syndrome."

LightingLighting should be done with LEDs and fluorescent bulbs.Natural lighting through windows, skylights and clerestories should be taken into account so that electricity doesn't have to be use during the day.

Water, waste, energyMake a gray water system for the washing machine. Have a place for compost under the sink. Use energy efficient appliances and plumbing.

What's an ecological house?An ecological house it's known as a house that uses renewable energy sources. Eg: Instead of using electricity, it uses the light from the sun to creat energy.Its goal is to become more economically and ecologically sustainable. Normally they're located inrural areas.

Ways of saving energy:there are some ways for save energy in an ecological house:1. Make sure you are not standing by.2. Energy efficient lighting.3. Rechargeable Batteries4. Watch your washing5. Buy an energy efficient appliance for your home6. Save energy from your fridge7. Share your shower8. Lower your thermostat9. Turn off your tumble dryer.

WAYS OF INSOLATING AN ECOLOGICAL HOUSE:Many different types of insulation are available, although formaldehyde is used as a binding agent in most products. Instead, look for cellulose, recycled-content, orformaldehyde-free insulation:• Batt or blanket insulation comes in the form of batts or rolls in widths thatcorrespond to standard spacing of wall studs, and attic and floor joists.• Loose-fill cellulose is made from recycled newsprint treated with naturalchemicals to make it fire resistant. Cellulose is naturally formaldehyde free.• Spray-in foams made from natural soy are healthier and offer all thebenefits of conventional spray foam without formaldehyde or otherenvironmentalhazards.


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