Ecological Factors

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Ecological Factors

Ecological Factors1. limiting factors was that animals had to travel to get water. 2. population too big for animals to survive. 3. little to no food left for the animals.

In real life lions do not swing from vines, Baboons dont give lion cubs the ritualistic births, baboons do not paint, lions are not bestfriends with warthogs & meerkats, lions dont have birds as godfathers nor messengers, and lastly, lions do not grow up in montages.

In the Lion King toward the end of the movie Scar and the Hyenna's had more of a parasitism relationship. Scar had betrayed his"friends" the hyenna's leaving the hyenna's to kill scar. Parasitism is when the host is harmed but the symbiont benefits!


3 Biomes



2 threats to biodiversity will be the over hunting and the habitat loss. A way of rectifying over hunting is if the animals did not hunt for the same food at the same time. In the movie they ran out of food due to lack of leadership. If scar showed exemplary leadership, then he would've been able to advise them into the right direction, and how to hunt properly. As well as habitat loss. Because scar was such a horrible leader, he allowed the hyenas to eat everything and anything. Which resulted in the trees & grass dying. A way we can rectify habitat loss if is the animals worked together to balance out the environment and to food chain, as well as the energy pyramid, it'll help rebuild their habitat.

One relationship is competiton. Toward the end of the movie Scar was still king and the land started running low on food , so they then started competing for food since it was becming scarce. Also Simba & Scar competed for the king slot.

Ecological Relationship

CyclesThe sun grows the grass. The antelope eats the grass, the lion eats the antelope. But when they die they bodies decompose into the grass with more sunlight

Tropical rainforest: is a hot hot, moist biome found near the earths equator. Tropical rainforests receive 60 to 160 inches of precipitation that is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year.  Desert: very little precipitation, dry lands, very little foods.  Savanna grasslands: open fields, lots of animals, moderate rainfall.

Adaptive behavior1. scar has a manipulative behavior. (he tricked his nephew, Simba into going into the dark side of the pride lands, so he could die.)2. scar is also very bipolar. he has racing thought about what he'd do if he were in power. and he has the inability to concentrate because he's so busy on thinking of way to get power.

Community: in Pride Rock, you would find lions, hyenas, zebras, gazelles, giraffes, elephants, and different type of bird all in one ecosystem.


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