Eco footprint

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Eco footprint

I will use less water while showering and i will shower for half the time i usally shower

1.What surprises me the most about my daily life style is that most of my eco footprint is Housing(41%) and Travel(31%). The two reasons this surprises me is because: 1 how can two seprate and oppisate things have such a large impact on my eco foot print. The second reason this surprises me is because it is strange how 3/10 of my eco footprint is impacted when im not even at hom but traveling. I didnt know taking vacations had such a big impact on earth.2. The 3 lifestyles I can immediately change is I can consume less water when im showering. I think that 7-10min of shower is too much and i will take 2-4min showernto conserve water. I will also try to reuse the matirials I can make another use for, instead of throwing it away so that it away in the garbage so it wont end up in an landfill. Lastly I will take the bus more often so that less pollution and holes in the ozone layerwill occur than if I used a car.3.My 7-10 minute shower affect the sustainebility of the earths hydrosphere because it depleats the amount of water that the earth has for us to use.Me not reusing matirials that i can use again afects the the sustainebility of the earths ecosystem because by throwing objects away they end up in a landfill which affects the earths lithosphere by causing land pollution. Me usinga car instead of a bus creates smog which makes holes in the ozone layer and causes air pollution.4.#of B-ball courts I use:123 Ratio:123:415.The two life style choices that would be more chalenging to change are: 1 The life style where I drive in a car when i can take the bus to those places. Just because I can do it immidadiately doesnt mean it will be easy to adjust to it.. It would be frustrating to wait for the bus at winter and annoying when there is to many people on the bus. The second lifestyle that would be dificult to change is how we generate electricity. If we would have to switch from getting our power from fossil fuels to something more eco freindly like solar panels it would take alot of time and money.

My ecological footprint

The changes that im gonna make non-immediately is that im gonna try convincing my parents to more eco-freindly household products like washing machines and dish washers. Maybe in the future my family and me can get solar panels instaed of using fossil fuels so we do not wast earths supply of fossil fuel.

My Non-immidiate changes

By: Robin Zelman

I use over 7-10 minutes of shower time everyday. This diminishes the hydrospheres supply of water.

Usally when an item can be reused or recycled i just throw the object in the garbage.

I use the privilage of having cars in my family to drive around to places easily accesible without a car wich causes air pollution

To save gasoline and to cause less polution in the atmosphere I will take the bus more often to places i need to go

I will try recyclig objects that can be recycled and i will make new uses for the items that cant.


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