ECMP 355 Classroom Management Tools

by Kendraleier84
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ECMP 355 Classroom Management Tools

Classroom Management Tools

These tools are aimed to aid a teacher's professional learning and organization. By using tools like Google Classroom and ClassKick, teachers can spend less time organizing thier assignments and marking them, and more time focusing on the actual lessons themselves. These tools do not specifically link to any one aspect of the curriculum as they are so versitile that they can be used for ANY curriculum outcome or lesson! You are really only limited by your own creativity as to the number of ways that tools like these can be used. The tools can positively promote the use of digital strategies in the classroom, aiding in the development of digital citizenship through various assignments that can be given and collaborated on in the online environment.

ClassKickThis is a great new app that allows teachers to create, distribute and asses student work in real time, all without paper! Teachers can help students right on their worksheets, students can work at their own pace, and can help each other. It's super easy to use, and is absolutely amazing!Click on the ClassKick logo to go to their website and view a few short videos, or the video above for a full tutorial!

Pros: Easy to use, Access from anywhere Cons: Only available for iPad, Info does not transfer to other apps

Google ClassroomPros:Paperless classroom, Compatible with all Google apps, Access form anywhere, Instant feedback, Constant conversation and feedback, Sharability, Student Autonomy, Accesible on mobile web browserCons:Only registered users can access (through school divisions), Difficult to share between school divisions, No app available...yet

By Chelsey, Jenna, Kendra (and Jon)

Classroom from a Teacher Perspective

Classroom from a Student Perspective


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