ECED233 Book Report Sample

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ECED233 Book Report Sample

By Jane StudentECED233January 27, 2015

Written and illustrated by Pork E. PigPublished by Pig Press, Yuma, Arizonacopyright 1969genre: Fairy Tale

THis book is well suited for children ages three to eight. It is a great read-aloud for younger children, but may be read with or without help by children ages 6 to 8.

SUMMARY: Three pig brothers build their own houses, one of straw, one of sticks, and one of bricks. A big, bad wolf tries to eat each pig by first blowing down his house. In the end, the three pigs take refuge in the brick house and use theirwits to outsmart the wolf.

This book was written fromthe Stick-House builder'spoint of view. The text is simple, making this an appropriate read for beginningreaders. The picturesare simple pencil drawings,giving the book a comfortable,almost Victorian feeling.

Unfortunately, the author chose to use an annoying rhyming scheme.It's very easy to fall into a sing-song voice when reading aloud,which detracts from the actualstory. The Big, Bad Wolf is eatenby the pigs, which some childrenmay find disturbing.

This classic story is a great addition to a unit on Fairy Tales. Because each pig builds a house, the story could be incorporated into a unit on construction or building. Students might create stick houses with popcycle/craft sticks or play with Lincoln Logs during playtime after reading the story. This story might also be used as an introduction to lessons on dealing with bullies.


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