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EBOLA HAS A HIGH RISK OF DEATH The chance of Ebola patients dying climbs all the way up to 90%. That chance can be improved though with early therapy

Ebola is a dangerous and severe disease. It is one of the most deadliest diseases that affects humans, monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees

TREATMENT: Unfortunately, an official remedy to end this deadly disease has not been created/found yet. The testings of vaccines are in progress, and patients are kept hydrated and are given special therapy.

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Ebola can be passed to others through direct touch of fluids and blood of infected animals, like fruit bats and etc.

Symptoms and Diagnosis:The diagnosis of Ebola is difficult. Doctors confuse symptoms of Ebola with other diseases such as malaria and etc. Symptoms of Ebola include; headache, weakness, sore throat, fever joint+muscle aches then soon after; vomitting, stomach pains, hiccups, rashes, and internal and external bleeding.

Current Events or Research FrontiersThere have been current outbreaks of Ebola mainly in Africa (Uganda, Liberia, and Sierra Leone). The WHO (World Health Organization) has done a lot that has benefited the victims of Ebola. They have loads of donated clothes and money. Many vaccine trials are being held these days in African countries with hope for an end to Ebola.

Ebola mainly affects the Circulatory System. The circulatory system distributes needed materials throughout your body. (the heart pumps blood). It also eliminates wastes such as carbon dioxide supplies oxygen. Ebola destroys blood vessels of the circulatory system causing internal and external bleeding. The red rashes that appear all over the victim's body indicate dysfunction of the circulatory system. (Watch video below)


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