Ebola Virus

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Ebola Virus

It first showed up in 1976 when two outbreaks occurred. One showed in Nzara, Sudan and the other on in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It traveled to the Ebola river and that's how it got its name. the most recent outbreak was in West Africa in March 2014. there are more people affected by this outbreak than any other case combined. It started in Guinea spreading to Sierra Leone and then to Liberia.

Ebola Virus

70% of people in Sierra Leone, a place greatly affected by the virus, survive after contracting the virus one year after the big outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. So the mortality rate of the virus is 30%

Syptoms:FeverSevere headacheMuscle painWeaknessFatigueDiarrheaVomitingAbdominal (stomach) painUnexplained hemorrhage (bleeding or bruising)

It was first discovered in 1976 in Central Africa.There is no domain or kingdom because viruses are dead and they do not classify dead things.Peter Piot was the scientist who discovered the worm like formation.

Ebola is transmitted by wild animals. Ebola spreads in human population by person person transmission.The virus is classified as one of the most deadly viruses. Also reported as one of the most painful deaths.

The Ebola virus will be only stopped when there is no other hosts to feed from.Since Ebola is a virus there is no treatment.

Humans can’t spread the disease to others until after they develop symptoms.Ebola doesn’t have a scientific name because it isn’t alive and we don’t give scientific names to viruses.


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