[2014] WilliamCallihan: Ebola Socail Justice

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[2014] WilliamCallihan: Ebola Socail Justice



Ebola's main symptoms are: - Fever (over 101.5 F) - Severe Headache - Muscle Pain - Diarrhea - Vomiting - Stomach Pain - Unexplained BleedingBecause of these symptoms, people can very quickly get dehydrated and die.

This map shows how what areas have been affected by ebola.


Red=newly affected areasOrange=affected areasTan=not affected areas

Social Justice

Ebola affects two themes of Social Justice, the Option for the Poor and Vunerable, and the Common Good. It affects the Option for the Poor and Vunerable because the people who get this virus are vunerable and very sick. It affects to Common Good becuase the Common Good is what is best for everyone in the community, and getting a deadly virus and posibly spreading it, is not good for the community.

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What's Being Done

Bill Gates

Pink=being tested for ebolaRed=has ebola

Who: Bill GatesWhere: Bill Gates might not be in Africa, but he is helping it posibly more than anybody elseWhat: Bill Gates is not only raising awarness for ebola, but also donating his money to help build hospitals but also raising money for over all better medical help in Africa to help deal with ebola.Why: Bill Gates sees that ebola is not right and it needs to be stopped

Dear Pope Francis, Ebola should be a big concern in our world. Even if someone's country doesn't have ebola, other countries do. We should do everything in our power to help those in Africa who are suffering from Ebola. Over there, they don't have the equipment to deal with it, but we do. We need to help them and make suer that Ebola does not spread and make others suffer. Thank You, William Callihan




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