Ebola + PHAC

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Ebola + PHAC

The Canadian Government has worked hard to educate its citizens about the Ebola virus. The Canadian Government has a recruiting campaign, to recruit qualified workers and doctors to control the outbreak and aid patients. Canada also contributes financially to the virus. It has already contributed $110 million in health, humanitarian and security contributions to help fight the spread of Ebola.

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Ebola + PHAC

Ebola is a virus which is currently infecting people in West Africa and in North America. Ebola as a virus was first described in 1976 because people were getting infected in sub-Saharan Africa. The outbreak which happened in Guinea started 2 years ago in 2013. As far as who is involved tons of countries, organizations (NGO and GO), charities and people are involved. Lots and lots are contributing to the cause. More than 23,200 people have been infected and 9,300 have died.

Public Health Organization (PHAC) is a Governmental organization that receives funding from the Government of Canada. PHAC was formed because the Government of Canada wanted to inform Canadians and other citizens of issues related to health and to teach how to aid themselves. PHAC informs and provides protection to Canadians from deadly diseases and infections.





With these three things we will eventually cure Ebolaand the 13,900 people who are infected.By:Brian Morava


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