Ebola And The World Community

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Ebola And The World Community

Common Ebola symptoms are Diarrhoea, vomiting, rash, stomach pain and impaired kidney and liver function follow.The patient then bleeds internally, and may also bleed from the ears, eyes, nose or mouth. The virus simply takes over every defencive cell and produces more ebola virus while attacking the body rapidly. This makes it hard to find treatment and care.

Ebola ' the World Community

Symptoms andhow Ebola functions

Recently, ebola has been a common word you would hear or see. It has been impacting the world in different types of ways. Countries are shutting down transpotation routes from, or to other countries with ebola patients. People take ebola very serious, and yes this is. However the common flu has killed more people than ebola, and it only transfers by making contact with a fluid of an ebola patient. Obvioustly you shouldn't do that.

Impact on the Community

A video that shows why ebola is a dangerous virus.

A picture of the ebola virus tooken through a electron microscope.

Johns Hopkins demonstrating and introducing the new ebola suit.


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