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E.B. White

Known ForHis beloved children classics such as Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web and The Trumpet of the Swan.

E.B. White's Life


Books I have read:Charlotte's WebStuart Little

Books I would liketo read:The Trumpet of the Swan

1 Thing Most People Don't KnowAbout White:The EB in EB White stands forElwyn Brooks

Intresting Information

E.B. White

Main Characters

E.B. White's Classics

Fast FactsBorn: July 11th, 1899From: Mount Vernon, NYLived in: North Brooklin, MaineDied: October 1st, 1985

Stuart LittleWilbur the PigCharlotteGeorge LittleSnowbellMr. and Mrs. Little

Worked as a reporter for the Seattle Times.White thought up the story for Charlotte's Web when watching a spider weave a web.EB lived on a small farm, where he was inspired to come up with the ideas for his classics.

If I could ask one question...Why do most of your classics involve animals? I want to know this because a lot of his books do include animals, and I wonder if EB knew what he was getting into writing books.

Charlotte's Web Read by White

By Noah Witham


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