Eating out

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Eating out

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One of the advantages of eating out is that people can enjoy the atmosphere at the restaurant, talking with friends, listening to live music, watching dances and at some places they can see how a cook prepares food. Also, people can sing and dance themselves in the evening. Secondly, people try different dishes of unusual products, which they cannot prepare at home.

There are some reasons why people go out to eat: some people eat out for entertainment, some to celebrate something or to rest, and others go to the restaurant because they have not time to cook at home.

Eating out

The Story about eating out

Why ?

Some people go to fast food restaurant at midday tohave a lunch, I would like to point out that it is cheap, but it is very unhealthy and fat


To tell about disadvantages, it can be expensive, and not everyone can afford it. Also, you do not know how it was prepared. Some places are too noisy and crowded. And at many places people can smoke, but it is a big problem for non-smokers. Only in a few countries smoking at the restaurant is forbidden.On the whole, I would like to say that most people go to the restaurant seldom, because going out to eat every day is expensive.

To tell about me, I prefer to have meals at home. I enjoy my evening meal at home. My mother and I are wonderful cooks and our dinners are always various and delicious.




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