Eating In Space

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Eating In Space

Since they can't eat lose foods, each food comes in their own packages. To prepare the food astronauts just follow the steps written on the food label, it even has the food expiration date. Most packages they just have to put hot or cold water to make it ready to eat. To rehydrate foods, they have to remove the plastic from one end and connect it to the water dispenser. Astronauts can drink any kind of drinks. They have to consume it through a straw to avert it from escaping.

Eating in space is not like eating on earth. It is very different, frustrating and difficult. Its because absence of gravity or microgravity there. Astronauts have daily food limit of 2000 calories a day. They mostly eat processed wet and sticky dehydrated foods in packages like oatmeal, scrambled eggs, pudding. Foods like bread creates crumbs, which can occur dangerous situation by going in to the ISS’s systems.

Have you ever thought about eating in different kind of places, like in microgravity? Imagine you come for your rehydratable processed packaged supper and see it flying around the room. Microgravity in space is very entertaining, enjoyable sa it also has the other opposite side too. It gives you the ability to float around the spaceship or the ISS(International Space Station). Some of the things like eating in space isn’t that fun as you think.


What kind of food they eat and why?

Astronauts don't carry Canadian meals in their spaceship when they go up there. They get to chose what they want to eat when they are up there. Finally when they are in ISS containers are sent with foods and beverages. Any food they food can not go up there. CSA experts determine the astronaut’s choice based on the food’s taste, color, odor, texture and if they meet the space specifications.

Can astraunat eat Canadian foods?

Packeged foods in space.

How do they prepare their food?

Eating In Space


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