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What happen if the food make a mess?

Astronaut can eat food that makes crumbs,but they have to be careful of crumbs floating everywhere and messing up their equipment,some time crumbs can be inhaled and cause choking.It can be really hard not to drop crumbs and can be really hard to solve this problem as well.

How many time do astronaut eat in space,what kind of Nutrition do Astronaut need ?

Astronaut eat 3 times a day. They have breakfast,sack and diner astronaut can have them any time of the day but they at least need to get 2000 calories per day.Astronaut need to get more calcium and vitamin D to keep their bones strong in 0 microgravity and less iron because the body make fuer blood cell in space if eat too much iron it will cause up and give health problem. They need to give all the information back to earth so expert can tell them about their diet.

Well now you know how hard and difficult it is to eat in space.Trying not to make a mess while eating, risky when astronaut get bored of eating same thing over and over again.

Warp up conclusion

When astronaut are on mission which take last week or a month. Astronaut can get bored of eating the same food over and over again,so astronauts choose to eat less food which can put them in a risk for nutritional deficiency,loss of bone and muscle mass , and reduced physical capabilities.After the mission is over they can chuse diffrent food for there next mission

What happen if Astronaut get tired of eating same food over and over again ?

Have you ever wonder how do astronauts eat in space?Well you will be surprise to see food floating everywhere in space. It can be hard for astronauts to assemble their dehydrated meal in microgravity. Sometimes it could be much worse if the food’s crumbs, other waste products just started floating everywhere.Can cause a big mess in their space craft.



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