Eating In Class

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Eating In Class

If kids are in sports, then they will need to eat more to keep their energy. Some kids don't eat enough at meals, so they need to get some nutrients into their bodies. Teachers and Coaches should want students to have snacks in school. Kids slowly loose their energy during class, and caoches always want their players to do their best during practice and during games. Kids also have to stay hyderated through out the day. Most fruit and vegetables consist of fruit and if kids eat them, then they will be able to stay hyderated and they would get many vitamins inot their bodies.

It is unhealthy for kids to not eat for about 18 hours of the day. It is much healthier to give students small snack breaks during the day. Giving students snack throughout the day would give them the nutrients that they need to stay focused. Kids need food to give them the nutrients to focus during the day. This nutrients is found in fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks. Kids should be able to refuel their bodies to keep their energy to focus on academics.

Most people eat breakfast at 7:00 a.m. Then they eat lunch at noon and dinner at six. That is 18 hours of no food. That’s almost an entire day! Eating every two to three hours does not only help kids to stay full, but it also helps them practice healthy eating habits. If kids have small snacks a few times a day, it would help them not overeat at the next meal. Instead of just eating at their regular day meals, students should be able to have snacks during the day because then kids do better on standardized tests.

Schools should allow students to eat in class because snacks help reenergize kids, snacks help kids focus, and students have to wait a long time between each meal.

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Eating In Class

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What others may say... - Schools already provide lunch for their students. They don't need snakcs too. a. If students don't like whats for lunch or they are alergic to something that the lunch ladies are serving, then they won't eat it. They need to get some nutrients into their bodies, so if they don't eat lunch, they still need something to eat. - Snacks can be a big distraction while the teacher is teaching. a. Students that are our age are able to do stuff quietly and listen to the teacher. - Snacks can cause messes in classrooms. a. Kids in Junior High and High School are just as capable to clean up after them selves.


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