Eat From Your Own Backyard

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Eat From Your Own Backyard

Eat From Your Own Backyard!The SCSU Campus Community Garden

Where is it?

The SCSU Campus Community garden is located behind Davis Hall!

What happens here?

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs are grown organically that can feed the local community. Food is donated to nearby soup kitchens, food pantries, and families in need of fresh produce!

What's grown in the garden?2

- Tomatoes- Squash- Corn- Eggplant- Cucumbers- Lettuce

- Kale - Herbs - Peppers - Beets - Raspberries - Wildflowers

Using the Garden to Eat Healthy!

1. Freeze fresh fruits and vegetables! This will help fresh produce last longer. 2. Use vegetables in place of pasta. Noodles can be made from squash which are loaded with vitamin A, C, E, and B6.13. Pre-cut vegetables to save time with meal preparations. 4. Plan out meals to ensure that all vegetables are used!

5. Eat greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers first because they have a shorter lifespan.1 6. Wash berries in a 1 part vinegar 10 parts water solution. This will keep them fresh for longer.17. Use kale in place of other greens. It is packed with vitamins and aids in digestion.18. Make extra food portions and save leftovers for the next meal.

Who to contact?Suzie (203) 392-7135


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