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EasyBib - Citations

EasyBib helps you create citations for your glogs and research assignments.What are citations?Watch this video!

Now that you understand what citations are, you’ll need to include them when adding videos, images, or information from books or newspapers to your Glog!Here’s how EasyBib can help you create citations and build a bibliography:

Citing a website:

Citing a YouTube video:

Citing a journal article:

Go to EasyBib.com now to begin creating your citation!

These videos show how to cite different types of sources on EasyBib.

Strengthen your students' research and writing skills with EasyBib School Edition.

For Teachers + Librarians

Download lesson plans, e-books, instructional videos and more from our free resources page, and register for our free Professional Development Series.

Check out our online citationguides for more examples and information about creating citations!

NEED MORE HELP?EasyBib + Glogster created a free resource packet for educators to help students cite online, digital, and social media!



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