Eastern Woodlands

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Eastern Woodlands

HousingEach village had the living arrangement of a log-farmed home covered with elm bark. These longhouses were usually 20ft wide and over 100ft long. Several families lived in sections of the longhouse.

Iroquois Confederacy

ClothingWomen would tan deerskin to make skirts, capes, and moccasins (shoes). Men would wear leggings and capes. As women would wear knee-length skirts and capes in really harsh weather. For decoration Women would wear beads and feathers.

Geography and Climate The Eastern Woodlands cultural region reached from the Mississippi River eastward to the Atlantic Ocean. And from Canada to North California. Here Winters are full of snow and summers brings rain. This rain produces endless forests, lakes, and streams.

The history of theEastern Woodlands

Farming and HuntingFor food, men would hunt for bears, beavers, deer, fish and birds. Women would be the ones to usually farm, and gather greens, nuts and berries. But before women farmed men would burn away trees and underbrush.

Womens Clothing

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TechnologyIroquois would use nets, weirs, and hooks for fish, traps for beavers, and spears, for deers and bears. Men made their weapons from wood, and birch trees.

Major ResourcesThe resources the Eastern Woodlands used were trees (birch, oak, maple, etc.) to make weapons and their houses. Also they used the lakes and rivers for fish and drinking water.

Iroquois Women"Iroquois Women were the keepers of culture. They were responsible for defining the political, social, spiritual and economic norms of the tribe. Women also nominated men for their leadership positions and made sure they fulfilled their responsibilities. Women were also allowed to gamble, belong to Medicine Societies (spiritual associations) and they participated in political ceremonies."


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