Easter with lemon zest

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Easter with lemon zest

Easter with lemon zest

For this recipe you need:flour - 2 cupssugar - 3/4 cupcream - 1 cupeggs (yolks) - 8 pcs.fresh yeast - 40gbutter- oil 100gvanillin or vanilla sugar - to tastegrated zest of one lemonraisins (seedless) - 50galmonds - to tastepowdered sugar with vanilla - to tastepinch of saltfor white glaze:egg (protein) - 2 pcs.powdered sugar - 1 cuplemon juice - to taste

Sift flour, wash raisins with warm water and dry. Almond scald, peel and chop. Prepare sponge from 100 g flour, cream of yeast and triturated with half the sugar and leave it for fermentation. At this time, the egg yolks with the remaining sugar rub until the air mass, add the remaining flour, brew, a pinch of salt, vanilla sugar or vanilla. Knead the dough until then, until it becomes easy to keep up with the arms and sides of the bowl. Gradually add the melted butter, raisins, lemon zest and almonds prepared. Lay out the dough into a greased and floured form (to 1/3 volume) and leave the warm to rise. When the dough has risen, cake can be put in the oven and bake bask until tender Ready cake sprinkled with powdered sugar with vanilla or pour glaze. For the glaze 2 refrigerated protein shake up with a glass of powdered sugar until thick, air mass and add lemon juice to taste.



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