Eastern chipmunk

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Eastern chipmunk

Eastern Chipmunk

The common name of the Eastern Chipmunk is the Eastern Chipmunk.

The scientific name for the Eastern Chipmunk is Tamias striatus.

The eastern Chipmunk is mostly found in deciduous forests,shrublands,forest edges,suberban and urban areas.

The Eastern chipmunks feeding habits reflects on the woodlands by providing them with many different resources. Nuts. fruits, seeds, fungi, tuber and occasionally they will kill and eat birds. The eatstern chipmunk will scatter through the ground looking for these food sources, they can put up to 32 nuts in their mouth after picking up the nuts they take them back to their home and burry them.


If the Eastern chipmunk would become extinct the environment wouldnt be the same.The chipmunks eat the nuts and seeds, etc, if they were to become extinct there would be lots of seed and nuts just laying around.

The Eastern chipmunk is endangered because many farmers,and gardners, these little chipmunks like to get into gardens, eat food on farms and stored foods.The eastern chipmunk is a real big attraction to humans and can be quite intertaning, people might feed these chipmunks and can give them something they are not suppose to have.

The environmental importnace of this creater is that if this animal were to become extinct what would happen. If the Eastern Chipmunk were to become extinct i think that the forests they live in would become full of nuts and there wouldnt be any resources for other animals to feed on.

They have put these wounderful creatures in protected areas and conservtion measures include maintaining suitable refug sites to keep the chipmunks safe


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