Easter 1916

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Easter 1916

This is Constance Markievitz, the only woman arrested and sentenced to death during the 1916 Easter Rising. As she was a woman Constance's death sentence was changed to life imprisonment.In 1918 she was elected to the house of commons. Even though she was the first woman ever elected to parliament she refused to take her seat on it as she was a Nationalist.Constance instead took a seat in The Dail where she was involved in the seperation of Northern Ireland fromthe Republic.She died in 1927 at the age of 57. Find out more about Constance here.

1798-Failed Uprising against BritainFeb 1914-World War 1 breaks out weakening Britain's defence forcesMay-Sept 1915- Irish Republican Brotherhood form and begin to plan Rising.Easter 1916-Rising.May 1916-Leaders executed in Kilmainham..

The picture above is the Proclamation for the Irish Republic. As you have learned the procalamtion was read by Paadraig Pearse on the steps of the GPO to signify that Ireland was to become a free state and that the rebels where fighting back against bBritish forces to take back control of the Country and so began the fighting of the Easter Rising. Click here to read the Proclamation just like Pearse did nearly 100 years ago.

The Easter Rising shaped the Republic of Ireland which we live in today.


Enter your source list- Easter 1916-The Dail.-National Library of Ireland.

Easter 1916 Rising



Lasting Impact


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