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Genre: Fantasy, because the White Bear can talk and in the book, there are mystical/fantasy creatures, and magic is involved.

Point of View: First person, because Rose, Neddy, the Troll Queen, and the White Bear are telling the story from their perspectives using the words I, me, etc.

Resolution: The resolution is when Rose washes the White Bear's night shirt and the White Bear and Rose destroy the Ice Palace and escape the Troll Queen with all the other human servants.

Setting: There are multiple settings in the book East. The two main settings are the White Bear's palace in the hills, and the Troll Queen's Ice Palace.

Protagonist: The protagonist in East is Rose.

Conflict: The conflict in East is when Rose sees the White Bear as a man, and when the Troll Queen sweeps the White Bear away and plans to marry him.

Theme: In East, the theme is that mistakes affect not only you, but others around you too. Another theme in East is to follow your heart, wherever it might lead you.

Eastby Edith Pattou

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I was not prepared for the look I swa on the pale queens face. It was an expression of love. Love. Not ownership of cruel manipulation, but whole hearted, even tender, love. Even though I could not see his eyes, I guess that her expression was reflected in his." -Rose, page 427, paragraph 8

"His hair was golden, glowing bright in the light of the candle." -Rose, page 330, paragraph 4


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