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Created by: Hailey O'Donnell


My Earthworms classification is Lumbricus Terrestris

Worms are slimy and long. They slither throuh the dirt. They are either pink or red. They range from 1 in- 11 ft.

Worms live in grass dirt and gardens. They can be found almost anywhere in the world.

-They lay about 20 eggs at a time-You can keep worms for a short time in a homemade wormery -Earthworms live in burrows in the soil-They have 100 segments-They have no ears, eyes, or nose. Just a very simple brain-There is a lot of rings around each segment-They have nerve cells that can get them through the dirt and soil

They prey on soil and dead leaves. The animals that prey on worms are birds, moles, and most animals.


This is a video of an earthworm in it's habitat.

There are many parts to a worm, almost 100 segments. The segments of the earthworm, visible externally as rings, are separated by internal partitions.On each segment are four pairs of bristles, or setae, with which the worm anchors itself to the walls of the burrow, drawing itself foward by rhytmic muscular contractions. Also, they have FIVE HEARTS.

One phillippino worm species is bright blue.

There are 2,200 different kinds of earthworm species.

Earthworms only come to the surface on cludy days and at night.

In cold, dry weather, they retreat to their burrows and remain dormant.


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