Earth's Pollution

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Environmental Studies

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Earth's Pollution

Earth's Pollution

Everything we take from Earth has a concequence.Maybe pollution is a sympton of natures imbalance.Some people reap from Earth while others become sick and haemed.The pollution not only affects people but it also affects animals and suroundings.Oil spills are one of the harmful effects of Marine animals.

Birds, fish and other sea creatures suffer durring spills.Therr is a way to revive. money.We can do alot to help earth and animals so much more.

There are examples of pollution.Chemicalsindustry factoriesoil refieriesfluman sewageoil and antifreez from carsmining litteringovercrowdeddeforestationconstrucio debries

This what happens to animals durring oil spills.

Scientist have been researching about pollution and what it does.

Ever year in the USA. A buch of factories release over three million tons of toxic wastethat causes us to loose fifteen million acres of land, anually. It also makes water so pullotion.After, the water becomes hazordous.

You may think pollution has nothin g to do with you, but really it does.Americans produce over 3,285 pounds of hazerdous waste every year.

car and constrution debries


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