Earth's Moon

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Planets & Astronomy

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Earth's Moon

CitationA Closer Look at Space: The Moon.100% Educational Videos, 2004. Full Video.25 July 2010. <>.

We weigh less on the Moon because the Moon has a much less gravitational force than that on Earth. Determine your weight on the Moon by clicking on the star.You will be amazed!

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Is the moon tired? she looks so paleWithin her misty veil:She scales the sky from east to west,And takes no rest.Before the coming of the nightThe moon shows papery white;Before the dawning of the dayShe fades away.From Sing-Song by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)

Earth's Moon

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Ocean Tides

Learn about our moon. Click on images for links to various websites. Watch the videos and then do the assignment. Have fun!

AssignmentWrite a paragrah or more telling why you would like to be an astronaut and travel to the Moon. Include what it would be like on the moon.


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