Earth's Layers and Tectonic Plates

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Earth's Layers and Tectonic Plates

the continents sit on one or more tectonic plates. earths upper layer is the crust we live on it. there are plates below the ocean. theres magma below the ocean and small under water volcanos.

Earth's Layers and plate Tectonics

when plates collide they cause earthquakesearthquakes are deadly forces that shake the ground. weater affects the plates, and make them expand. The movements of earths plates cause earthquakes and volcanos.

Our project is about plate tectonics and earths layers. the layers of the eatrh are, the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core.(in order). Plate movments cause the continental drift. the core of the earth is hot with iron metals. it lies about 3,200 miles down. the mantle surrounds the core. it is hot dense is also called magma.


plates move from 1-7 inches a year. thats why the continents move. the movments of earths plates have shaped the surface of the earth. when plates meet they can cause cracks in earths crust called faults.earths crust changes all the time