[2014] 1bd02 1bd02 (Reading/ELA Red Class, Reading/ELA yellow, Computer Science Period 1): Earths La

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Earth Sciences

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[2014] 1bd02 1bd02 (Reading/ELA Red Class, Reading/ELA yellow, Computer Science Period 1): Earths La

Earths Layers


Have you wondered what the core is made of? The outer Core is 2,100 km thick. The inner core is 1,300 km thick. The outer is 30% of Earth’s total mass. The inner is 2% of total mass. It’s made of Iron and Nickel. (N.A.2015) The Core is made of liquid, made of Iron. It makes a magnetic field that protects Earth from the sun's heat and from crashing into humanity. (Ayala, 12/1/15)

The Mantle is the layer between the Core and the Crust. The lower Mantle contains a greater amount of iron than the upper Mantle. Also the upper Mantle is 400 km thick. It comprise 10% of Earth’s mass. The lower Mantle is 1,900 km thick and is 41% of Earth’s mass. It’s warm and soft enough to flow. The Mantle is the thinnest layer and is 2,900 km thick. The upper Mantle is 395 km lower Mantle is lower Mantle is 2,240 km. (Ayala , (12/1/15)



Earth’s outermost layer is called the crust. It is made silicate. Also Igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. The Crust slowly grows thicker every year. It is about 10 km thick. The Crust is 0.5% of Earth’s mass. (N.A. , 2015) The Crust is made of rocks and minerals. It’s cold, cracky, Brittle, and breaks easily. There is also two types of crust. The continental crust is 30 km thick. Important B/C is the outermost layer where life exists. This is what the crust is. (Ayala 12/1/15)

One time when I was seven I said I’m going to the center of Earth. But it never work because it is impossible. It’s impossible because Earth has layers. It goes Crust, Mantle, and then Core. There is S-waves and P-waves that travel through Earth S-waves can only go through solids. The layers are rocky Solid Crust, warm flowing Mantle, and dense metallic Core. Now you see why I never got to the center of the Earth. (N.A. , 2015)

What is the largest mantle pushed up. Also why does the core madder to us for.

Further Questions:

By: Eric Ayala


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