[2015] Kacey Scholl (2015-2016 Reading, 2015-16 5th Grade Social, 2015-2016 Science): Earth's Changi

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Earth Sciences

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[2015] Kacey Scholl (2015-2016 Reading, 2015-16 5th Grade Social, 2015-2016 Science): Earth's Changi

What Causes Earthquakes and Volcanoes ? Different kinds of plates. Volcanoes form when colliding plates hit each other. When the plates move the rock partially melts and then creates a weak spot. Earthquakes form when plates break free from each other.

How are rocks classified? They can be classified by how they look, what there made up of, there weight, how they feel and what the y are made up of. There are sedimentary, igneous, and metamorpic rocks. Also by how they are formed like from what process.

How are minerals identified? They can be classified by luster, color, shape, streak, cleavage, and crystal form. Also by what is it made up of and where it is found. Some are quartz, mika, copper, and dimond.

What is Erosion? The movement of materials away from one place. Deposition is the movement of materiqls to a NEW place. Like rivers making the deep canyons Eroison is a destructive process and deposition is a constructive process..

What is Weathering? A slow process of rocks breaking into smaller pieces. This can make structures smaller than the were before. There are 2 types of weathering. Mechanical and Chemical that both weather rocks in different ways.

What is the Structure of Earth? The layers make up earth. There are 4 layers. They are the outer and inner cores,mantle , and crust. The crust is the outermost layer, mantle is the middle layer and core is the very inside.

Earth's Changing Surface

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