[2014] Zak Arendt (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Earth's Changing Surface

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[2014] Zak Arendt (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Earth's Changing Surface

What Causes Earthquakes and Valcanoes? Most earthquakes happen at faults. Faults are cracks in Earth's crust where the surrounding rock has moved or shifted. Faults can form in many ways just about anywhere.Earthquakes most often occur at faults that are along plate boundaries. Instead of moving smoothly, the plates get "hung up"-they lock in place. Eventually the plates jerk into a new position

How are rocks classified?1. Igneous Rocks - rocks formed when melted rock cools and hardens. If rock cools slowly, large crystals of minerals form.2. Sedimentary Rocks - form when bits of rock and other materials settle on top of each other and harden.3. Metamorphic Rocks - form when heat and pressure change how the particles are arranged and also form new minerals.

How are minerals identified?Scientists observe and compare a mineral to a chart of known minerals. The chart shows the names and properties of some common minerals. The properties on the chart are: color, texture, smell, luster, hardness, shape and streak.

What is Erosion?1. Erosion is the movement of materials away from a place.2. Gravity is the main force that causes erosion. Gravity can cause landslides during earthquakes or after rains. It also causes rivers to flow. As river water flows, it picks up sediments. These sediment wear away the riverbed.3. Some other types of erosion are wave erosion, wind erosion and field erosion.

What is Weathering?1. Weathering is a slow, destructive process that breaks rocks into smaller pieces called sediment2. Mechanical weathering is the breaking of rock into smaller pieces by forces.3. Chemical weathering is the changing of materials in a rock by chemical processes.

What is the Structure of Earth?1. Crust the earths most outest thinestv layer. 2. Earth is made of many diffrent layers crust, mantle, outer core, and iner core. 3. The core is made mostly of iron.

Earth's Changing Surface

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