Earth's Atmosphere

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Earth Sciences

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Earth's Atmosphere

2nd Layer: Stratosphere-Temp. increases with altitude because of the increased amount of ozone

Earth's Atmosphere

1st Layer: Troposphere-Where weather occurs-Base of this layer is warmer because the air is heated by the surface of the earth which absorbs the sun's energy.

Ozone layer: absorbs harmful uv rays from the sun

3rd Layer: Mesosphere-coldest part of our atmosphere( -90 dregrees celsius)-meteorites usually burn up as they enter the atmosphere

4th Layer: Thermosphere- the air is thin due to the small amount of air molecules.- Astronauts in the space station or space shuttle are in this layer

5th layer: Exosphere atoms and molecules escape into space

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Case Study:Over time, more and more greenhouse gases have been released into the atmosphere and as a result it is destroying the ozone layer. Stratospheric ozone depletion leads to increases in UV radiation reaching the earth's surface and increasing the overall global temperature and creating long term effects on our environment.Go to this cite for more-

Our Atmosphere is like a blanket of gases surrounding the Earth and is held near the center of the planet by Earth's gravitational pull.


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