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Earth Sciences

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What Happens?!?



2 Examples:

When an earthquake occurs, there is a powerful energy that can shift roads into different levels. Making the buildings topple over or breaking apart.

Here are several ways where you can prepare yourselfs:


This is a concern because there is an increase of flooding! Earthquakes can breakdams, causing water to flood the area. Thiscan break down buildings and drown people.

How is this a concern?

Chile: Largest earthquake in the world. Occured on May 22, 1960. Approximately killed 1,600 people. 3,000 people were injured. The damage cost $550.

Destruction Of Nature?

The destruction is measured by the strength of the earthquake. 3-5: Minor or little 5-7: Moderate to strong7-8: Major8+: Great


Earthquakes usually occur near the oceanic and coastline plates.

Rat Islands, Alaska: 8th largest earthquake in the world. Occured on Feb 3, 1965. The damage cost was $10,000, it occured over 600km long along the plate boundry.

1) Place heavy items onto the floor

2) Locate safe places outdoors (away from trees and buildings)

3) Hang pictures away from where people are

Video Of Earthquake in Japan:


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