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Earth Sciences

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What is an Earthquake?An Earthquake isa large mass ofenergy relesed when the shifting plates below the Earth's crust colide.

How is an Earthquake Created? An Earthquake is created when the tectonic plates under ground hit against each other.

How Do Earthquakes Effect the Environment?-changes the landscape-kills wildlife -destroys habitats-can cause mud slides, avalanches, landslides, rock falls-makes land unstable-can cause tsunamis and floods- can drain small lakes-pollutes water supply-disease can spread from dead bodies and animals

How Do Earthquakes Effect People?-destroys houses, buildings, underground railways, roads and bridges.-many people die or injured-kills crops-gas and electricity lines can be damaged and can cause fires.-lack of medical supplies, food, water, shelter, clothing-people left homless

Facts -In Japan, some people belive that a giant catfish that lives deep underground causes Earthquakes.-Earthquakes can cause Tsunamis.-trained rescue dogs and robotic equipment is used to find people.

Earthquakes can also create deadly chasems.

Earthquakes are measuredunder the Richer scale

Where most Earthquakes occur is in a area called the Ring of Fire. The ring of fire is located on the coasts of countries circling the Pacific Ocean.


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