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Earth Sciences

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Fun Facts* Seismometers are used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes.* Many people in the world die when earthquakes happen.* The largest recorded earthquake in the world was a magnitude 9.5 in Chile on May 22, 1960.* Over 300 people could be injured in one earthquake.


A seismometer!

Why are they dangerous?

What is an earthquake?

What do earthquakes look like?

Earthquakes are the shaking rolling or sudden shock of the earth's surface. It is one of the natural disasters, and when it happens the ground rumbles. Also many people can get hurt.

Eathquakes look like the ground is breathing in and out. The earth will crack and buildings willl fall down, causing a lot of damage to an area. In some earthquakes you can see something falling, something wiggling, and you can see that the floor is rumbling. When the earth shakes, it can be very scary for people and animals, because you can feel a strong shake and see things fall.

Earthquakes can happen by the earth's crust bumping and shaking.They also happen when tectonic plates along the surface of the earth move continuously and slowly pass each other. When the plates squeeze or stretch, huge rocks form at their edges and the rocks shift with great force.

How do earthquakes happen?

Earthquakes are dangerous because, things can fall and hurt people and damage the area. Things will fall and hurt people and plants can get hurt, but every day less strong earthquakes happen that we do not feel. There are all kinds of different strengths of earthquakes. Sometimes it occurs at the bottom of the sea and creates a tsunami.

Where do they occour?

Earthquakes occur mostly along edge of the oceanic and continental plates. They occured in Japan,India,Indonesia and New Zealand, etc they happen in New-zealand, Vanuatu, the solumn island but there is a hole bunch of other places too.

What are the effects or damage that an earthquake causes?

Earthquakes can damage almost everything. People can die and roads can crack. The buildings can fall down and the area is completely damaged. Concrete structures can collapse and get damaged. Damage to wood and steel structures is not as common because of its flexibility. Buildings get torn apart. The ground cracks. Electricity also goes out. Buildings can also fall apart. Some people might die. Almost everything will be damaged. Earthquakes can also cause a tsunami when it is under water.

Famous/well known earthquake:

A famous example of an earthquake is the Shaanxi earthquakes in China.1556.830,000 people died in the Shaanxi earthquake. During this time some people lived in the artificial cave, when the earthquake came the cliffs fell down, it destroyed the cave and people died.

What can be done in an earthquake:

1) Drop down on your hands and knees.2) Cover your whole body (if possible) under the shelter of a sturdy table or desk.3) Hold on to your shelter until the shaking stops. 1.Get out from the building and go to safe place ( road and park).2.If you are in the car drive to safe place. and stay in the car until the shaking stops.

Did you Know...Earthquakes happen every day that we do not feel.

By: Ivy Kim, Evelyn Anderson, Keita Oshima and Shravya Etlam

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