Earthquakes in Iran

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Earthquakes in Iran

Earthquakes in Iran

-City lies on Bam Fault (near convergent plate boundary between Eurasian and Arabian Plates) in Zagros mountain region of Iran-Magnitude: 6.6-Depth: 10km-Death toll: more than 30,000 killed-Location: 29.004°N, 58.337°E (Southeastern Iran)-Bedrock type: mainly granite-Frequency: Over a dozen deadly earthquakes (7.0 or higher) in the past century-Caused by a right lateral strike slip motion on the Bam fault


Bam Earthquake:Before and After

Procedure 2: Bam EarthquakeDecember 26, 2003

Common Building Structures:- Adobe: one story huts made of sun-dried brick walls and clay or mud- Masonry buildings: kiln brick walls with shallow Jack arch roofs supported by steel I beams- Modern (<30 years) mud-brick or cement structures *Steel buildings: steel frames and braced for horizontal force (most resistant but too few to make a difference)

Procedure 3: Societal and Economic Status of Iran

-The walls, floor, foundations and roof of the structure are braced for shearing, tension, compression, and vertical motion.- Lightweight building material (especially on roof)- Generally cube-shaped -slightly pliable beams and frames

Procedure 1: Earthquake Resistant Structures

-Iranian Population Density 2015: ~80 people/ km^2-Rudimentary warning system-Economy:*Isolated *Agriculture production fallen*Inflation (20%/annum)*Dependence on natural gas & oil

-Superadobes: Made of sandbags filled with soil and barbed wire *cost-effective *made with local supplies *can be made into long-term structures with added plaster

Procedure 4: Earthquake Structure Alternatives


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