[2014] Sarah Ganon: Earthquakes

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Earth Sciences

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[2014] Sarah Ganon: Earthquakes

LiquefactionEarthquake liquefaction is a marvel where soil is mixed with overloaded water and loses strength because of a certain stress, usually a quake shaking or another sudden change in vibrations causing it to work like a liquid.

The seismograph

The Richter ScaleThis tool is used to rate the magnitude of the earthquake by how much anergy it has released and to compare one quake to another. All this information is gathered using the seismograph. The Richter Scale was created by Dr Charles Richter in the 1930's.

AIDInjured people, damaged buildings and land, transporatation, food and water, comunication are some of many factorst that need help from others in the diaster. Distance is a big factor of the disaster bacuse places near the quake are also effected or other places give money. International aid groups and medical service groups are always on standby to help.

AftershocksAftershocks occur after the main shock. Sometimes the stress is enough to triger a quake on nearby faultlines too!

In the Japan earthquake in 2011 ninety-one countries and nine international organisations offered to assist with relief efforts, fifty countries offered aid the day the earthquake struck.


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