[2015] Avery chargers (RM23Chargers): Earthquakes

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Earth Sciences

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[2015] Avery chargers (RM23Chargers): Earthquakes

This is an earthquakes effectson a road. This road is very damaged and unsafe to drive on.


The cause of earthquakes are when the earths plates meet. Sometimes the plates move very slowly. The slow movement is called creep. When the plates are creeping earthquakes are less likely to happen. But some are sudden and the energy releases and the plates shake. That is what causes an earthquake.

The effects of an earthquake can be harsh. A small earthquake can't really harm or damage anything. The only thing an small earthquake can do is give someone and scratch or knock down a shelf. But a big earthquake is a different story it can harm or kill people or animals. It can also damage buildings or properties.

This is an effect on a condo a condo is people how live in. Maybe 1,000 people have died.

This is an effect of a tall buisness building.The buildings can fall down and crush cars and kill people.

This is a graph of an earthquake. This graph will tell you the stongness of the earthquake.



Safety tipsSome safety tips you can use are you can find a safe place in your house. You can also practice earthquake drills. If you are outside durning a quake then run to an open space. One more thing you can do is put heavy breakable objects on low shelfs. These are some safety tips you can use.

What are earthquakes?Earthquakes are sudden shifts in the earths crust.The Earths crust is the outermost layer. The reasons why earthquakes happen are, the earths plates are always moving. If the plates start grinding they will shake and make an earthquake.


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