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what is an earthquake?An earthquake is a shaking of the ground that is occur by two plate meeting and spreading apart, comin together or sliding past each other.

This picture of the world map displays the earthquake that occur 1963 to 1998.

what cause an earthquake?An earthquake is caused by two plates spreading apart,coming together or sliding past each other. the piont where the plate crash is called an epicentre.

In the video it tell you about how earthquakes happens, it all so tells you about if the earth did not have earthquake what would happen? Finally, the video tells you about what people do when it is an earthquake.

Where do earthquake happen?Most earthquakes occur along the edge of the oceanic and continental plates.

What affect does earthquake have on people?I think that earthquakes can affect people in many ways. One of the way that earthquake affect people is by thinking because people would be scared to go to a build . They would think the building going to break.

What affect does it have on the envirnment?Some of the affect on the enviroment by earthquakes are: loss of water, gas, loss of aminal lifes, flooding, and damatic weather changes.



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