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Earth Sciences

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Earthquake & Volcanoes

Facts About Volcanoes1. When a volcano is about to erupt the sky becomes very dark and still. 2. Volcanoes comes out of the earth, as a result the floor starts shaking and trembling. 3. Then comes out a big mountain about one hundred feet (30.4 meters) high or more. 4. Then as a volcano erupts smoke, ashes, and hot rocks called lava. 5. Also scientist think that if you opened up the earth you will see where volcanoes are from. 6. So when you open the earth you find the mantle and magma that is were the rocks and liquid comes from. 7. When in the earth surface there is a weak spot it causes the magma to push out.8. Then after the volcano is born it starts to push out lava. Sometimes it oozes out, but of the time it just shoots out. 9. There are three thing that a volcano takes out. They are pitchstone, basalts, and obsidian. 10. A volcano can keep on erupting for years. sooner or later the lava will harden into a rock called igneous (IG-ne-us).

pics of volcanoes

Facts About Earthquakes 1. Earthquakes seem to happen mostly where huge plates tough or bump into each other. 2. Scientist can map most of the places where earthquakes have hit or will strike again. 3. Earthquakes occur when the earths crust is cracks. 4. So as a result for that the earth's crust is cracks. 5. The San Andreas fault is cause of the San Fransico earthquake in 1906. 6. Many years ago, people had no way to tell an earthquake would strike. As a result people died. 7. Now scientist have a laser beans tell the movement in the earth's plates and fault lines that make earthquakes.8. A seismograph (SIZ-ma-graf) is a tool used to record the strangth of an earthquake. 9. Some earthquakes are so small they don't cause so much damage. Others are so big that they cause big damage. 10. Sometimes the earthquakes hit under water, that cause earth's crust to split and creat a big wave. That wave is called a tsunami (su-NAHM-e).

Main Idea: Earthquakes and volcanoes can makes lots of damage in the earth and also the sea.

pics of earthquakes

By: Deborah Merrians Made By: Yackelyn Urbina


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